Monday, November 11, 2013

End of October fun

Logan and Emmett outside of the museum

Ansley makes a butterfly trap

Costume #2: Dorothy
(This is my costume from when I was her age)
We tried this on as a trial run for her school parade in the morning. As you will see in a few minutes, I made the mistake of drawing freckles on her face with marker.

We did not ask or prompt her in any way to pose for the pictures. She began this little dress hold curtsy all on her own.

Here is where seeing me draw on her face was a mistake. I started making dinner after the costume preview. The kids ran back to Ansley's room to play and after about 20 minutes out walked this...

A princess

And a lion. 
The marker would not come off with soap and water. After some frantic googling and a few tries, toothpaste is what finally took it off.

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