Thursday, October 31, 2013

Start of September

Finishing off the last item on our summer fun list: Mommy Date
Ansley and I went to a cookie place and watched the ducks.

Jello fun

Logan wanted a pony tail like his sister...

Crashing daddy's Saturday morning practice

I bought Ansley's Halloween costume almost 2 months early :)

Ansley found an injured bird in our backyard. Logan was saying "look a bird" and I thought he was looking at the feeder.  Then I turned around and Ansley is holding the bird in her hands.  She named it "Tippy" because it is a "Tipmouse". It is actually a "Titmouse", but I think it's better she got that wrong. She drew many pictures of Tippy over the next few weeks.

Logan has a crush on baby Haddie.

At Sun Country with this guy.

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