Monday, October 28, 2013

End of July

Her new go to outfit.

Jon took Ansley to the dentist on his daddy daughter date day. I tried taking her 6 months earlier after she bumped her front teeth on the tub and one turned gray. It was hands down my worst doctor's visit with kids experience so far. The staff were great, but Ansley screamed through the whole thing resulting in Logan also screaming the entire time. I told Jon it was his turn to go. Of course, she was a perfect patient when daddy took her. 

Sitting patiently for X-rays.

And, while Jon and Ans were visiting the dentist and enjoying a relaxing lunch, I was taking care of this...

... A little guy who wouldn't stop throwing up. He NEVER falls asleep like this.

He was SO pitiful and miserable. We finally had to give him an anti-nausea medication. He was then allowed to eat Jello. The poor boy was so hungry he screamed when I handed him that white bowl on the table in the picture. He wanted the entire tray of Jello.

Luckily he was feeling back to his old self a few days later...

End of Summer Soccer

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