Thursday, October 31, 2013

Start of September

Finishing off the last item on our summer fun list: Mommy Date
Ansley and I went to a cookie place and watched the ducks.

Jello fun

Logan wanted a pony tail like his sister...

Crashing daddy's Saturday morning practice

I bought Ansley's Halloween costume almost 2 months early :)

Ansley found an injured bird in our backyard. Logan was saying "look a bird" and I thought he was looking at the feeder.  Then I turned around and Ansley is holding the bird in her hands.  She named it "Tippy" because it is a "Tipmouse". It is actually a "Titmouse", but I think it's better she got that wrong. She drew many pictures of Tippy over the next few weeks.

Logan has a crush on baby Haddie.

At Sun Country with this guy.

First day of Pre-K

Ansley was very excited to start school. She picked out her watermelon dress a week ahead of time in preparation. It is her absolute favorite thing to wear and she wore it once a week for the first 5 weeks of school.

I had my first Mom's meeting that day, so Logan got to leave the house with his backpack all packed too.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

End of August, End of Summer

The end of our summer fun list.

Last of the weekday snuggly mornings on the couch.

Going to Ansley's meet the teacher. She picked out her outfit and coincidentally chose a dress that was mine at her age.

She also made gifts for her teachers, two decorated wood dolls.

We unsuccessfully attempted the science experiment where you put carnations in colored water and eventually the tips of the flowers change color. The pink flowers stayed pink.

A comparison of me and Ansley wearing the same dress at about the same age.

Hammering bugs from a block of ice.

Catching baby frogs.

Logan being silly with mommy's phone. He liked being able to see us in it :)

The best week of his life

Ansley spent a week with Nina and Grandpa right before starting back at school. I think it may have been the best week of Logan's life. After dropping Ansley off, Logan and I had a Chick-fila date. He talked the whole time. 

The next morning at breakfast as an only child.

Another morning of little boy fun.

Even though he had so much fun in the five days she was gone, I know he really missed her :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First half of August

Little boy turned 2!

Stroller gang, walking to hear some live music...

A few days after Logan turned 2 we took his paci away...

Red tunnel slide at the park.

Pool playdate

Big boy haircut