Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Break: beach trip day 2

Morning beach time

I took Ansley down to the beach by herself while Logan was still napping. She had so much fun running free through the surf. It was the first time she was able to put her feet in the cold cold water.

After Logan woke up, the boys joined us for some more beach fun.

After dinner/sunset: This is the point in the day where Ansley turned into Max from Where the Wild Things Are. She was the only person on the beach in a bathing suit (and fleece, it was COLD), running through the water. She ran and ran and ran, chasing birds, yelling and singing to herself. Honestly, she was like a wild animal. I don't think Logan knew what to make of the whole situation.

I brought warm dry clothes for Ans to change into while we watch the sun go down. We sat in the dunes and the kids laid on towels (pretending to sleep).

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