Monday, August 27, 2012

August Birthdays

We spent Logan's first birthday in West Palm and did a joint party with Jessie for Noah's 4th. Jess and I went for low stress, low effort this year and it was awesome!

We made a cookie cake (a fantastically easy idea I stole from Caline!) and Jessie's niece made a cute sailboat cake and cupcakes. Random tidbit, my grandma unknowingly cut and ate a piece of the sailboat cake before we had a chance to sing and do candles. Oh well :)

There was a lot of slip n' sliding happening. Landon is such a daredevil. I can't wait till he and Logan are a little older and can be crazy little men together.

Ansley thinks she is being a big risk taker here. This is about as far as she got on the mat the whole time. She had no problems though standing in front of everyone and shaking her little bottom. I don't know how someone can be so cautious, yet so uninhibited at the same time!

Waiting for his cupcake :) He devoured that thing and then cried for more! 

I've had a hard time keeping up with the blog recently. The last month and a half has been really jam packed and intense. We spent almost a week in West Palm for fun, but the day after getting home I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. The next day, Logan came down with a stomach virus, followed by Jon, followed by Ansley. I had a few complications from the oral surgery. Half of my tongue was almost completely numb for the first week and one of the sockets didn't heal well (both are significantly better now). That week was particularly unpleasant. Unfortunately, it was directly followed by my leaving for West Palm again for another five days. The kids went to Nina and Grandpa's and Jon started work, while I participated in an intensive workshop with my family down south. All areas are looking up now. Things have already begun to calm down. I'm hoping once Ansley starts preschool next week it will get even better. Of course, I volunteered to lead a MOPS group with Natalie that starts in September, so maybe this is the slowest it's gonna get :) I'm just happy to have everyone healthy again and back on a normal routine!

Me, hours after my wisdom teeth were removed... and four days before my 30th birthday.

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