Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 Year Old

Oh my sweet funny boy, how has it been a year already?!? You are honestly the silliest little guy I've ever met. You laugh at everything. I love your cute chubby cheeks and sweet snuggles and hugs. Time has gone by so fast. You love life, playing and making your sister laugh. You try to mimic all kinds of words and sounds, waiting for our reaction. 

On your actual birthday you finally started pulling up to standing. Within two weeks you started cruising along the coffee table and transferring to the couch at home.  You are so much like your sister with this, waiting until you can do something confidently to start doing it. On the other hand you are much more of a risk taker. Some days I'm afraid I'll make you into a mommy's boy. I just love to hold and cuddle you. And, you love to be held. It's shocking, because for the first few months of life you wanted nothing to do with being held! When daddy comes home from work you get SO excited and screech until he picks you up.  

(First night as an official stander)

One Year Stats:
Height 30.5" (75%)
Weight 19lbs 6oz (5-10%)
Head 46.5 cm (55%)

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