Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Work in progress

The week after coming back from Pennsylvania we started working on Ansley's room. Our first task was moving her into a twin bed. She was super excited!

Bringing her new mattress home. The people in the mattress store probably hated us. Ansley bounced on and "tested" a majority of the beds display. 

Hair in progress

Notice the friend in her shirt pocket :)

Task number two, find some less trashy window coverings. Just before leaving for our PA vacation we discovered that Ansley would nap if her room was dark. The garbage bags were a quick fix, but not so cute. We settled on roller shades.

We hung the roller shades about 6in above the actual window and I think they make the room look taller (Thanks Pinterest for your plethora of decorating tips!). The plan is to add curtains to the sides so that the shades act as a valence.

As it is now. We still need to add curtains and rearrange the knickknacks. Ansley really loves her almost big girl room.

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