Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Months Old

This post is so late! Three weeks exactly. Logan started crawling on his 10 month birthday. His bottom two front teeth are very obvious now whenever he smiles (which is almost always). His left top middle and canine poked through about a week ago. The right top middle and canine are trying to make an appearance as well. Logan is SO go with the flow. We spent a week in Pennsylvania and he did extremely well. Even with no morning naps and his parents forgetting to feed him his evening bottle one night (!) he was in a generally good mood.  He tries to pull to standing, but isn't quite there yet. He loves table food and wants to eat anything we're eating. I still can't figure out his little cheek rash even though the rest of his body has cleared up. I think his first word is officially "light" which he says "ight!" with emphasis on the T at the end. Although, the fact that some fans have lights has confused him and he now calls most ceiling objects lights. I can tell he's trying to communicate by saying "mum-mum-mum" to eat, "nye-nye-nye" when tired and other little sounds that have begun to mean something to him. He tries to pull on all electrical cords within sight. He puts everything in his mouth. He thinks large birds (chickens, roosters, hawks, etc) are hilarious. He loves Allie. He gives lots of kisses. He doesn't really drool (thank goodness, since Ansley's shirt front was constantly soaked with drool). Still eating the same amount, just more finger foods and solids. And, he has begun to stick up for himself when Ansley tries to direct what he's doing. He tries to swat her hands away, which later on might be a problem, but for now is kind of cute :)

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