Thursday, April 19, 2012

8 Months

The post and pictures are 2 weeks late. I have since figured out how to keep Logan's cheek redness somewhat under control (They are pretty bad here). There's still a little rash, but nothing like before. He was also teething here. The only good picture I got without Ansley in it is the first one. After that he started to lose. Random 8 month updates:

  • Plays peekaboo by pulling things over his face and then brining it down quickly with a big smile
  • Has 2 teeth (bottom middle)
  • Sits up on his own (but still gets distracted so I get worried when he's on the tile)
  • Rolls and moves all around on the floor. Putting a blanket down is a waste of time because he doesn't stay. As I write this, he has squirmed his way from the middle of the rug over to the bookshelf and its on his tummy reaching into the toy bin trying to pull out the Fuzzy Bee and Friends book. And... he just got it :)
  • Still thinks Ansley is hilarious.
  • Says BaBa, DaDa, TaTa, LaLa (I swear he says BaBa for bottle when he's hungry).
  • Tries to mimic sounds
  • Sleeps from about 7:30 to 7:30
  • Takes one 45min morning nap and one midday 2 hour nap
  • Still eats four 8oz bottles and now 3 jars of baby food during meal times
  • Continues to put everything in his mouth.
  • Tentatively weighs 18 lbs (Above the 25th) and is 28-28.5 in (between the 50th and 75th) based on my measuring at home. That bumps him up again on the charts. Not that there's any concern about his growth anymore, but I'm interested to see which curve he'll finally begin to follow consistently.
  • The days of Logan preferring to be in his car seat/swing are over. He loves to snuggle, being held and gets super excited about any activity happening around here.

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