Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Months

This little boy has become so sweet. I love him to pieces. A few facts about my smiley chubby legged baby boy:

No teeth

Turned the corner with food. He loves it all. I fed him a jar of peas expecting it to be rejected and he just kicked kicked those legs with excitement through the whole thing. He eats solids three times a day, gets an 8oz bottle four times a day.

No longer on reflux meds

Still trying to figure out what could be triggering his rashy/eczema skin flare ups

No crawling

Stands while holding onto something

Can sit unsupported for short spurts before falling over. He seems to be following in Ansley's footsteps by hitting movement milestones on the later end of the range.

Smiles and laughs a lot

Taking 2 to 3 naps a day, but on no where near the same perfect schedule Ansley was. Luckily he seems to be going with the flow.

Puts everything in his mouth!

Gives "kisses". He opens his mouth, grabs your face and plants that drooly thing on your cheek.

Says, "dadadadadada" a lot

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