Friday, February 3, 2012

Solid Food

Saturday, Logan started on Solids. We waited until just before Ansley turned 6 months old too. She wasn't crazy about rice cereal, but I remember squash being a hit. Logan does not feel the same way. I'm not surprised. Even with milk/formula he hasn't been a big eater. This week however, he has begun taking at least 7 ounces (and sometimes 8 or 9) at every feeding. I think it won't be too much longer before we can finally cut out that 10:30 bottle. He had been short of a daily intake of 35 oz some days even with it. I didn't want to cut it out and disrupt his morning wake time of 7:30-8:00. Since Monday though, he's easily hit that and gone over. I think it's interesting that this happened right as we introduced solids. Coincidence or correlation? I guess we'll never know :)

First taste of rice cereal

Not thrilled

He did a really good job of opening his mouth for the spoon until the bland taste set in. After that he was a little more resistant.

Happy it's over

Even happier with his pacifier

End of first attempt

First attempt at pears... Fail

Third attempt at rice cereal

Of course, Ansley is always close by

He doesn't look too happy here, but he honestly didn't seem to hate it this time

In conclusion, the third time of rice cereal was a success. Logan has tried squash four times now and tolerates the taste. The pears were just a super fail. I tried making my own, which was not only more expensive, but they were also a little sour. I ended up putting the rest of the puree in Ansley's oatmeal. Apples are next. I'm excited about this new stage. Oddly enough I really enjoy making baby food.

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