Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smoothie morning

Ansley decided she wanted a smoothie for breakfast yesterday morning. And, of course, she wanted to help make it too. I let her "cut" the strawberries and bananas with her kiddie butter knife.

Logan was also happy to be included in the smoothie making action.

A few pieces didn't make it to the mixing stage :)

Putting all of her hard work into the blender.


Side note: I hadn't finished my coffee when Ans asked to make these. About half way through drinking my smoothie I decided I really just wanted the coffee instead. For some reason I thought it would taste good to mix the two... like a sweet creamer or frappuccino. Nope. It was awful. I had to pour the rest down the drain.


  1. What are some good smoothie recipes that are your favorite? Grant is not loving just eating whole fruit so I think he would love smoothies.

  2. We do a lot of blueberry or strawberry smoothies. Mostly because I tend to have those stocked in the freezer. My favorite is probably blueberries, yogurt, bananas, a couple ice cubes and sometimes a little bit of plain whole oats added to the blender. I even sneak spinach in too if I have it. Ansley never notices :)