Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Indoor fishing

We stayed at home yesterday. It was still pretty rainy. I attempted to let Ans "fish" for letters (something I saw on Pinterest). She thought it was really fun. If I'd been feeling more motivated I could have put the letters in the tub with a little water to make it more like actual fishing.

Of course there was some Dora watching happening. What you can't see is Ansley has undies on her bottom half. A week ago I decided she wasn't going to wear a diaper while at home anymore. She had one accident about an hour into it and hasn't had one since. Yay! We even took her out to lunch on Sunday with no diaper. She still wears one during naps/nighttime.

Sweet boy hanging out and eating some food.

The rain and staying inside made it a second coffee kind of a day :)

Logan has seemed a little uncomfortable lately and his eczema is really flaring. I'm not totally sure what the issue is. The flare up started a few weeks ago during my WPB trip. I thought maybe it was from being too warm while driving in the car seat or possibly some irritant (detergent/new animals/carpet cleaner). But, even after being at home for a while, it hasn't gotten any better. The same afternoon it got bad he ate a full jar of pears for the first time and has now added in peaches. It's possible that's causing the rash. I'm going to eliminate them for a few days and see. If that doesn't make it better I may get crazy and a try a super sensitive formula just to rule out a milk issue. I have also tried a myriad of eczema remedies and it hasn't gone away, so I feel like something is continuing to trigger the response.

During one of Logan's naps, Ansley and I planted a few cucumber seeds. Cucumber, because I realized all of my seeds but those and beans were eaten again. You think I would have learned from past mistakes.

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