Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting adventurous

We spent Saturday with friends. The guys did some brewing, we all did some eating and the kids played outside. Ansley is getting less cautious as time goes by. I'm going to have to start keeping my eye on her. Not that I let her roam wild and free, but in the past I could trust that she wouldn't be climbing or going places she shouldn't (She crawls on all fours over parking bumpers because she's afraid of falling for goodness sake!). Saturday, however, I found her at the top of the bunk loft all alone. When I came into the room she said, "hiding!" snuggled in the nook. Her little pink crocs sat at the bottom of the ladder. I guess I should be glad she thought enough about climbing carefully to remove her clunky crocs. An hour or so later she was brave enough to try out the zip line. It was a big day.

(Aforementioned bunk loft)

*For those of you concerned Logan is crying all alone in woods somewhere off in the distance, that's not him in the background. Jon is holding him while filming and he's happy.

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