Monday, February 13, 2012


This kids and I made a trip down south this weekend for my grandma's 80th birthday. When Jon asked Ansley what she did, she said, "I played, watched a show, great granny fell down and went to the hospital so the doctors can make her all better and I ate cake." All true. My grandma tripped in the parking lot after dinner on her birthday. She's ok, but needed a few stitches in her thumb. Ansley was standing right there and then rode with us to drop them off at the emergency room so I guess it stuck with her. That and eating cake :)

It was Ansley's first time sleeping in a "big girl bed" away from home (Sorry the picture is fuzzy. The phone couldn't focus in the dark.)

How is it that he has hair while Ansley was SO bald?


We took the kids to the park and decided to walk across the street to the beach.

It was beautiful out. Look how blue the water is.

We weren't dressed for swimming (it was too cold anyway), but the kids had fun just playing in the sand.

Happy birthday Grandma! That big picture in the background creeps me out a little :)

All tuckered out again

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