Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smoothie morning

Ansley decided she wanted a smoothie for breakfast yesterday morning. And, of course, she wanted to help make it too. I let her "cut" the strawberries and bananas with her kiddie butter knife.

Logan was also happy to be included in the smoothie making action.

A few pieces didn't make it to the mixing stage :)

Putting all of her hard work into the blender.


Side note: I hadn't finished my coffee when Ans asked to make these. About half way through drinking my smoothie I decided I really just wanted the coffee instead. For some reason I thought it would taste good to mix the two... like a sweet creamer or frappuccino. Nope. It was awful. I had to pour the rest down the drain.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Indoor fishing

We stayed at home yesterday. It was still pretty rainy. I attempted to let Ans "fish" for letters (something I saw on Pinterest). She thought it was really fun. If I'd been feeling more motivated I could have put the letters in the tub with a little water to make it more like actual fishing.

Of course there was some Dora watching happening. What you can't see is Ansley has undies on her bottom half. A week ago I decided she wasn't going to wear a diaper while at home anymore. She had one accident about an hour into it and hasn't had one since. Yay! We even took her out to lunch on Sunday with no diaper. She still wears one during naps/nighttime.

Sweet boy hanging out and eating some food.

The rain and staying inside made it a second coffee kind of a day :)

Logan has seemed a little uncomfortable lately and his eczema is really flaring. I'm not totally sure what the issue is. The flare up started a few weeks ago during my WPB trip. I thought maybe it was from being too warm while driving in the car seat or possibly some irritant (detergent/new animals/carpet cleaner). But, even after being at home for a while, it hasn't gotten any better. The same afternoon it got bad he ate a full jar of pears for the first time and has now added in peaches. It's possible that's causing the rash. I'm going to eliminate them for a few days and see. If that doesn't make it better I may get crazy and a try a super sensitive formula just to rule out a milk issue. I have also tried a myriad of eczema remedies and it hasn't gone away, so I feel like something is continuing to trigger the response.

During one of Logan's naps, Ansley and I planted a few cucumber seeds. Cucumber, because I realized all of my seeds but those and beans were eaten again. You think I would have learned from past mistakes.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Slow and steady

Ans and I got to play at Kennon's house last week. It was really good to see Lindsey. Our schedules just haven't lined up recently. Both kids love riding bikes, so that's what we decided to do. Kennon had a new bike with training wheels and Ansley used his old tricycle. She hasn't had to do much pedaling at home because Jon and I normally push her. Here she is moving along by her own power... very slowly :) And, because Kennon had a helmet, Ans insisted on needing one too. The best we could come up with was a construction hat.

Tried making a strawberry shortcake last night. It was very yummy. As you can tell from the little fingers, someone else thought it was very yummy too.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do you do all day?

I didn't pre-plan this post, so the pictures could be better. The sequence of things just reminded me of when Ansley was a few months old and people would ask, "What do you do all day at home?" Here's a semi typical day of how things go until Jon gets home from work:

Both kids woke up earlier than they normally do. It was probably right at 7am. Jon was still home, so he got Ans up and she did some reading on the couch. This is not typical because normally the moment she enters the living room in the morning she asks to watch a show.

I get Logan up and feed him. I'm sure Ansley was watching a show at this point. Logan goes on his playmat while I make Ansy's breakfast.

Ansley eats, I finish my coffee, check Pinterest/update the blog/check email/or actually eat breakfast myself (listed in order of most to least likely to happen) for 10 minutes and then feed Logan his solids.

The night before I tried scrubbing the flakes off Logan's head and he woke in the morning with a baby faux hawk.

Because it was an early wake up morning I had to find something to take Ansley's mind off the 20 Dora's she would otherwise want to watch. Today's activity: building a farm out of Legos, cardboard boxes and things from our recycle bin.

We had 2 hours to play, get ready and meet Natalie and Aubrey at the mall. Ansley was so into this activity she didn't want to stop and we were late meeting them.


Logan played on the floor next to us for a while before going for a short morning nap in his crib. It is normally short because I have to wake him up so we can get out of the house to do something. Poor little guy :)

More playing (I probably got dressed about this time)...

I was finally able to tear her away from the farm to get an outfit on. Ansley got a snack and we all got in the car. After two hours at the mall playground (Logan drank his second bottle here) and Chickfila we headed back home.

Somewhere between the mall and home Logan leaked out of his diaper. I put Ansley for a nap, cleaned Logan up, fed him, let him play while I took the cover off the car seat, started a load of laundry, played with the little boy some more and then put him down for a nap.

Luckily Ansley actually took a nap. Most days she does, but twice a week or so we miss the window. I probably had about an hour to clean up, watch a dvr-ed show, do some computering or whatever between when Logan went for a nap and she woke up. Once she got up we added a pool to her farm and eventually Jon came home. So there you have it. Probably more detail about what we do in a day than you really wanted to know :)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Today while we were driving in the car and shuffling through my ipod Ansley asked me to stop on "The Four Seasons". About 30 seconds into the song she said, "I can see the little girls dancing! The princesses... They're good dancers." When it ended she asked to play it again. I guess we should listen to a little less Beyonce' and a little more Vivaldi :)

Tummy fun

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting adventurous

We spent Saturday with friends. The guys did some brewing, we all did some eating and the kids played outside. Ansley is getting less cautious as time goes by. I'm going to have to start keeping my eye on her. Not that I let her roam wild and free, but in the past I could trust that she wouldn't be climbing or going places she shouldn't (She crawls on all fours over parking bumpers because she's afraid of falling for goodness sake!). Saturday, however, I found her at the top of the bunk loft all alone. When I came into the room she said, "hiding!" snuggled in the nook. Her little pink crocs sat at the bottom of the ladder. I guess I should be glad she thought enough about climbing carefully to remove her clunky crocs. An hour or so later she was brave enough to try out the zip line. It was a big day.

(Aforementioned bunk loft)

*For those of you concerned Logan is crying all alone in woods somewhere off in the distance, that's not him in the background. Jon is holding him while filming and he's happy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012