Sunday, January 8, 2012

Exploring at the park

I've been trying to let Logan nap in his crib more and it's been soo cold, so we've been getting out a little later in the day. The park was practically empty Thursday.

Even though Ans looks a little grumpy above she's not. She was "waiting for daddy." Sad because daddy was at work and not meeting us. I decided we should do some exploring (which we've never done before) and Ansley thought this was a great idea. We walked over to the empty baseball fields. I think this was the first time she's ever been on one. I remember loving the feeling of running through the empty outfield as a kid. I guess she does too :)

After running the bases we checked out the scorekeeper's box, bleachers, empty pool, skateboard ramps and then over to the racket ball/tennis courts. She wasn't too sure about going inside the racket ball area until I showed her it echoed.

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