Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween morning we went to a MOPS party where Ans ate some snacks, made some footprint ghosts and colored a pumpkin.

After naps we met up with Natalie and Aubrey for some pre-dinner trick or treating at the mall and then Chick-fila.

Once dinner was over we headed to Katherine's (Ansley & Aubrey's friend) neighborhood for some real trick-or-treating. This was Ansley's first time going around to houses.

Unfortunately, the very first home we went up to was super decorated with giant blow-up scary stuff and noise machines. Ans was completely freaked out and spent pretty much the entire rest of the night saying, "I want to go bye bye." Our little family portrait was right after we passed the "scary" house. You can see she's still talking about it.

This was the first house we were able to convince her to go up to because it didn't have any decorations. You can tell by her face that she still wasn't happy about it.

Logan slept through most of the trip and woke up right towards the end. I had a little fleece monster costume for him, but it was kind of warm and seemed too hot. He looked cute in his Halloween onesie anyway.

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