Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gator Homecoming Downtown

I wish I would've taken a few pictures with the real camera since my phone isn't the greatest. Oh well. Here's Logan dressed for the homecoming weekend.

He looked so snugly for our trip to the downtown homecoming event.

There was a huge area for the kids to color on the street with chalk. Ansley put the two lines through the "S" of her name all on her own. Maybe we've been watching a little too much MTV in the morning... I hope she doesn't start insisting on being called Ans Money or writing it this way all the time like Ke$ha.

Ans looked so cute. One of the local TV stations asked if they could film her in action. She didn't even seem to notice. I wish I knew if she made it on air or not.

More coloring. Now, one of the reasons I wish I had my real camera is you can't see her leggings here. They were white, but after sitting on the chalky brick they looked tie dyed. At least they're the right color for bleaching!

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