Friday, November 4, 2011

13 Weeks Old

This post is one of those where I ask Jon's opinion about which pictures to post and he tells me they all look the same. I guess I'm just biased, but it's hard for me to pick which tiny change in expression is cuter than another. Things I want to remember: He has such fuzzy hair right now. It seems to stand up on end more when he's cold or upset. I thought his eyes were turning brown, but now they seem greenish brown. Maybe they'll be hazel-y like Ansley's too, just more brown than blue. On his 12 week birthday he woke up happy and talking to his caterpillar for the first time. He's done it a few more times since then. Still no obvious laughs, but he sure does smile and "talk" a lot. And finally, he doesn't seem to cry anymore when Ans is in his space.

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