Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy Bees Halloween fun!

Ans had her Busy Bees Halloween play date last week. Here are the goodies we brought for treating from the moms and a book for story time.

I found these super cute free printables HERE. I had to reduce the size to 50% to get them to fit the granola bars, just fyi.

Ans wore her flower fairy costume from last year. We were going to play at a park and I didn't want this year's outfit to get all gross before the big day. Look at the difference between last year (here and here) and this. A year ago she was still a baby, now she's a little girl.

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  1. There IS a big difference when you look and compare both pics! Looks like you guys got around this week! Thanks for posting all the pics.......Miss you guys and can't wait to see you all! :)