Thursday, September 22, 2011

My little social butterfly

Ansley's caterpillar from Nana finally turned into butterfly Monday. She was so excited! We let it go in the backyard once Jon got home. Earlier in the day I had my first MOPS meeting. I told Ans on Sunday that she'd be going to play with some kids, eat a snack and play with toys without mommy, but that I'd come back soon to get her. Her response was, of course, "So cited!" I thought, we'll see how excited you are when mommy leaves. The next morning she walked into the nursery with her backpack on, took one look at all the fabulous toys (they really do have the best kids' rooms) and could have cared less where I went. I was so glad. The workers said she was really good and gave them lots of hugs. It eases my mind about starting pre-school next year. Ansley is such an independent little thing. I don't know where she came from. Friday night I took the kiddies downtown to this festival thing they've started doing on UF home game weekends. There is a big stage with live music and a grassy patch down below where little kids like to run around shoeless. Ansley saw what was going on and insisted that she wanted to "go dance" with her shoes off. I had Logan in the giant travel system stroller (Jon was still at swim practice) and couldn't wheel it out there, so I told her she could go and I'd watch. Without hesitation she ran right into the middle of all that commotion and started moving to the music. It makes me so happy that she is comfortable just doing her thing :)

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