Saturday, September 17, 2011

6 weeks old

In the last week Logan has perked up a bit. He's become a lot more vocal and loves looking at our faces. He gets excited when you read books and has started enjoying the playmat for short periods of time. He really likes tummy time (I think it' s because it helps his gas/tummy pains though). He also LOVES bath time. It's very silly. He just looks around and seems so relaxed. He's started doing eat, wake, sleep better during the day. However, he still hasn't started stretching out his night time feedings at all. He did one 5 hour break last Saturday night, but that was it. It's been mostly a 2.5-3 and 3-4. I'm hoping he starts going longer soon. He's such a sweet little baby and I'm excited to see his personality coming out more and more every day.

I'm not sure why this video is so shaky... sorry.

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  1. He is getting so BIG!.......and so alert! His little voice seems a bit lower than I remember Ansley's to be at that age. What a cutie! :)