Thursday, August 18, 2011

A case of the Mondays

Jon went back to work Monday. Luckily Valerie came over in the morning because A.) I'm technically not supposed to drive and B.) even if I could, Jon's car wouldn't start so he had to take mine. An eventful way to start Jon's first day back and my first day solo. Of course, to add to the excitement, Logan had an off night so we didn't get as much sleep. The rest of the week has gone a lot smoother :) Here's our first walk in the double stroller. Ansley LOVED riding next to her baby brother.

I decided to put Ans in one of her cloth diaper covers to see if it would help with potty training. Not sure why I thought my first day alone was the best time to try this out. Instead, all it resulted in was a wet cloth diaper and pee on the couch. Ansley was pumped about getting to wear her "special diaper" though and sat on the potty multiple times that day.

Little Logan and his skinny little legs. It seems like Jon and I have babies with no hair and toothpick legs. Ansley doesn't have chicken legs anymore though so hopefully Logan's will fill out some too.

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