Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2nd day home

The second day home our little non-stop energy machine returned from Camp at Nina & Grandpa's. It was really nice to have a day at home with just Logan before the continuous stream of talking started back up. We did miss her a lot though. She adds so much joy to our lives... calmness, not so much... fun and happiness, yes :) On a different subject, we were very lucky to get a bunch of clothes from people who already have little boys. Logan seems to be right in between newborn (they are roomy enough, but some are too short) and 0-3 sized footies (really baggy and a little too long). This cute dino outfit from his cousin will probably only get one wear because he can't stretch out his legs out all the way with it on.

As expected Ans couldn't keep her hands off the little guy. When she arrived home, she came into the house holding flowers for me. It was so cute. Apparently she was excited that I would say "Thank You" for them, which I did :)

Man I look tired! At Logan's 4 day check-up, the doctor said, "you're looking a little pale". She realized after a few minutes that I had a c-section and that's why I wasn't sun kissed and perky. Luckily, I have a wonderful mom, in-laws, friends and most of all husband who have been telling me I look great... even if it's not entirely true :)

(We have a picture identical to the one above from when Ansley cam home from the hospital)
We let Ans hold her baby brother for the first time. She was so cute and excited.

So far Logan has been a very sweet, very easy baby, just like his sister. I can't tell you what a difference having him in our room from birth has made on breast feeding. Last time I really wanted to make it work. However, Ans starting off in the special care nursery and the complication/stress of my blood pressure nightmare just made it too much. I can't believe how much easier it's been. I keep thinking, is this going to get harder? Not that it's a breeze. I'm definitely tired. It would be a lot easier to give him a bottle and take turns doing feedings with Jon every night, but I'm just so pleasantly surprised at the groove we're in. Jon is still wonderful though. He gets Logan up and changed at every feeding, every night so I don't feel like I'm alone. He's such a good daddy and husband :)

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