Monday, July 18, 2011

Ansley's 2nd Birthday!

Saturday we had a little party for Ansley's 2nd birthday. Ansley had a lot of fun. Leading up to the big day, we practiced asking her how old she'd be, blowing out a candle and singing "Happy Birthday".

My little Ansley drawing from her invitation

The bubble blower had to be the biggest hit of the party. The kids went crazy, running around and chasing all the bubbles.

Finn kept asking Ansley when she was going to open her presents. It was very cute:)

My mom had a bunch of leftover blow-up balls that we tossed in the backyard. They were also some easy entertainment that the kids seemed excited about.

Ansley wasn't very interested in opening her presents once she got some books. The other kids were actually opening them for her and then handing the gifts over to show what was inside!

Beginning to look a little tired

She blew out the candle on the first try. Good thing we practiced!

For weeks, when we'd talk about the party, Ansley would say, "Ice cream, cake, hold it, little spoon?" She wanted to use one of the little sample spoons we normally give her for ice cream when we go to Sweet Dreams. Earlier in the week Jon made sure to bring one home. A few days before the party she started saying little spoon and big spoon, so we gave her both. It's hard to see in the picture, but she's actually holding and using the "little spoon".

It was a really fun day! Once just our family was left at the house Ansley continued to sing Happy Birthday over and over. At the end of the song (well, when we can get her to end it... most of the time it's just a continuous loop) she always does a little puff to "blow candles".

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