Monday, July 25, 2011

38 Weeks

I am now officially pregnant longer than I was with Ansley. Last time around I never felt "done" with being pregnant. Maybe it's going past I where I did previously, chasing after a 2 year old while pregnant or just knowing that the longer I go, the less time Jon will have before school starts, but I'm feeling ready. Not that anyone cares, but I also thought I got my first stretch mark this morning, so that's not helping the feeling. At my appointment Friday we scheduled the repeat c-section for a few days before my due date. If I happen to go into labor early, all the doctors (all 5!) I've met with are 100% for me attempting a VBAC. It makes me a little nervous though. I met with yet another new doctor during this visit and liked her a lot. Plus, she's actually a doctor and not a resident. I'm scheduled to see her again and hopefully can stay in her rotation for all my postpartum follow-ups. I didn't gain any weight in the last week (still 27.5 overall), but my blood pressure was a little higher than normal (125/85). The nurse taking it seemed really rushed during all my vitals and I found out later that she's new. I mentioned the rise to the doctor, which she'd also noticed, but wasn't concerned. When I got home I took it myself and it was 109/74, so I'm not worried. No excessive swelling, weight gain or protein in my urine which means it was probably just a mistake. I had my cervix checked for the first time (1-2 cm dilated and beginning to thin out) and the little guy seemed to be head down. I felt more confident in their determination of his position because she said she felt suture lines on his skull. My doctor with Ansley was not only wrong (Ansley was breech), but told me she felt a lot of hair! Look back at my poor little girl during the first year of her life. She was bald, bald, bald :) I'm still having lots of braxton-hicks and more overall crampiness (I'm hoping that's more dilating and softening), but no real or consistent contractions. Today we finally installed little boy's car seat and his room is probably as good as it's gonna get at the moment. Less than 2 weeks to go!

38 week bump

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