Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bye bye pappy

RIP "Pappy" 5/2/2011

Three Mondays ago (May 2nd) I decided to get rid of Ansley's pacifier or "pappy" as she called it. Jon and I had talked about it for a while, but the decision to follow through and do it on that particular day wasn't planned. That morning, her pacifier was on the floor and looked gross when we went to wake her up. I washed and set it to dry for nap time later. After lunch, when I put her down for a nap, she asked for it. It still looked pretty dirty, so I decided today would be the day. I cut the bulb part off and told her the pacifier was broken. She looked so sad and confused, but didn't cry. She only said "Pappy broken?", as I handed it to her. She tried to put it in her mouth a few times, but then gave up. I asked if she wanted to sleep with the pappy. She said no and gave it back to me. I was feeling really bad at this point because her eyes were so big and sad, but she still never cried. When she woke up from her nap after Jon got home, the first thing she said to him was "Pappy Broken". For the next week she would randomly remind us of this throughout the day, before going to sleep and immediately upon waking. The next week was a little rougher because she only brought it up a few times, but would cry for 5 minutes or so before finally falling asleep. Her whole life she's LOVED going to sleep (most of the time). We would tell her it's bedtime and she'd pitter patter her little self as fast as she could down the hall to happily go to bed. I guess no pappy was making bedtime no longer enjoyable. It was really hard for me to not just buy her a new one because I knew it would make her SOO happy. I know we've been really lucky with how easily she goes to bed, and crying for only 5 minutes is no big thing, but seeing her go from content to upset at bedtimes was really sad. Luckily, this week she seems to be back to her old self. Maybe it's the virus making her tired (which I know it is because she fell asleep in the car Thursday and that hasn't happened for over 6 months), but she has been really happy to go to sleep again. Both at night and naps, when I've said it's time to go to bed, she's hopped right up and walked down the hall. No protesting, happily giving hugs and kisses, no crying and right to sleep. Thank goodness! I'd thought the transition to no pappy would only take a week. I guess that was optimistic. In the end it was about two full weeks before she went back to her old sleep habits. She's back to sleeping like the baby she is :)

Sleeping like a baby

Fell asleep in the car Thursday because she wasn't feeling well :(

Feeling much better Friday and wearing mommy's hat

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