Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bubble Plants

Like most water related things, Ansley calls watering the plants, "bubble plants". She has been saying "water" more often, but "bubble" is the default. Recently, she's seen me do this chore a bunch and was really excited to find the watering can in her new bag of sand/water toys. She didn't want to play with anything else and kept pointing to our rain barrel while saying "bubble plants". Mommy's little helper.

Completely unrelated to gardening, but if I don't fit it in I won't remember and this is how I keep track of Ansy girl's mile stones, is Ansley has asked to go pee-pee/poop on the potty a few times now. One of the times a little dribble came out, but other than that she's never actually gone. She just happily sits for a few minutes before asking to get down. Not bad though seeing as how I'm not actively trying to potty train her at all right now. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll be one of those wonderful children who pretty much potty train themselves! Here's hoping anyway :)

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