Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blue Truck

Last Thursday I took Ansley to the mall to play before bringing Jon lunch at school. We got there pretty early which unfortunately meant there were cleaning/maintenance workers fixing things up while the stores were empty. On our way in we passed a huge blue machine on wheels used for cleaning the sky lights. Once at the play area, we sat down to take off her socks and shoes just as the "blue truck" came through that part of the mall. It was kind of loud, but was gone in less than 5 minutes. Ansley, however, couldn't get over it and refused to play. She just sat next to me acting very whiny and clingy. I finally convinced her to venture out a few feet. She seemed ok so I sat back down. That's when I took the canoe picture. You can tell she's not a happy camper. We ended up just leaving. During lunch at Jon's school, she told every single kid who came into the room about the blue truck. She'd get really serious, move her face as close as possible to theirs to make sure they were paying attention and say, "Blue truck... mall... noise... scared... crying." She literally repeated those same words 50 times that day.

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