Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's day

This week has been a rough one. Could you tell? I haven't posted since last Friday. Sunday unfortunately brought the start of a stomach virus for me. I'd hoped it would be the normal 24-48 hour run it's course through kind, but it wasn't until Thursday evening that I really felt better. I couldn't keep anything down from Sunday night to Tuesday. Wednesday I only ate Saltines and Gatorade. Ansley was wonderful through it all (and never caught anything, thank goodness!). Such a good girl, with the exception of accidentally smacking me in the face with my cell phone Monday morning. I now have a faint black eye. I was quite the attractive wife for Jon to come home to on Valentine's day... black eye, sick, still in my day old pjs :) Another silly thing about the day was Jon bought Ansley a Disney Princess Valentine's card that played music when opened. He was so excited to give it to her. But, the moment it started making noise, she dropped the card and said, "no, no no!" almost starting to cry. She wouldn't go near it after that. Oh well. Here are a few more cell phone pics from the last week or so...

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