Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ansley Tidbits

  • We've stopped using the sleep sheep noise machine when Ans goes to bed. I guess she can hear us better from her crib now. There have been a few times (anywhere from 5-60 minutes) after putting her to bed that Jon has sneezed and over the monitor we hear "bless you".
  • A few months ago she learned the word "lap." She now constantly asks that I come get on the floor so she can sit in my lap or just sit down there together. She crouches down in the middle of the living room, points to the ground and demands, "lap, lap lap!" Sometimes it's less bossy and more cute. For example, the day she tugged at my hand in the kitchen and said "lap" so that I'd sit and watch the rain with her by the sliding glass doors.
  • In the mornings, when I change her diaper, she likes to name things on her nerdy baby science ABC's poster. It's normally objects like moon, star, fish, turtle (which is really a fruit fly, but she insists it's a turtle). After identifying something she wants me to repeat it or she will continue to say the word over and over. Last week she kept saying a word I couldn't make out... baxter? paddle?... then it hit me, fractal! Jon showed her that one a few nights before. She now can identify "fractal" on her poster :)
  • Last night we were all sitting in the living room when Ansley picked up a tissue off the coffee table, blew her nose and tootled down the hall out of sight. From her room we heard a clink, she exclaimed, "Good job!" and then reappeared back in the living room looking very proud. She'd lifted the lid on her trash can and thrown her tissue away.

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