Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pittsburgh Zoo

Ansley took her first trip to the Pittsburgh zoo during our PA stay. The first thing we saw were the elephants. They were splashing and playing in the water!

Look how close this guy got!

Hmm... I guess she's right where she should be :o)

She loved looking at the fish with Daddy. Cool and relaxing.

We really wanted to get Ansley a toy to commemorate the trip. Nana and I decided to give her the choice between a jumbo 24 inch stuffed elephant and a small polar bear. She, instantly, enthusiastically and undoubtedly chose the polar bear :o)

We got really lucky, not seconds after we entered the polar tunnel a bear jumped in!

Excited about all the action.

One of my and Ansley's favorites... the Meer-kitty-cats :o)

Wearing Grandpa's hat at the end of the day.

Bye bye zoo...

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