Saturday, July 10, 2010


After spending a week in NC we drove another 10 hours to PA for a visit with the Allen side of the family. Ansley was SO good on the way up to Asheville, but I think started to get a little tired of the car at this point in the trip. Even so, she was still pretty happy, just a little whiny :o)

Loving sitting in the grass... they have such better grass up north!

Pondering which blade she should pull out first

I mentioned that Ansley has become obsessed with flowers. She was in heaven in Aunt Sandy's beautiful backyard!

Probably trying to teach her something about science :o)

Ansley and her Great Grandpop. It's crazy to think that almost a decade separates their births!

4 generations of Allens

Great Grandpop gave Ansley this puppy, which you can tell she loved.

Enjoying the evening with Grandpa

Her new thing... headstands :o)

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