Saturday, June 26, 2010

Standing again

Ansley took a few week hiatus from standing. She literally would not lock her knees for anything, but decided on Tuesday to start again. This was only after thinking my bag of Doritos was her bag of Yogurt Melts. She pulled herself up so fast you would have never know she had been on a standing strike. She also has begun making this really strange noise when she wants food. At first, when she would see us eating or get hungry she'd smack her lips together while saying "num num num num". Now, she almost yells "nneeah" over and over. We're not sure if she's saying "snack", "more" or maybe "now". This is the noise she made while standing at the coffee table trying to reach my bag of chips. Since that night she's been standing all the time and even "cruises" along our coffee table.

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