Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby kiss and friends we'll miss :(

I wish I had grabbed the camera faster because Carver walked up to Ansley without us prompting and "kissed" her (put his forehead against hers). Then, she smiled and grabbed for his face with her mouth open just like she does when she "kisses" me. They love each other! This video is the third time it happened. Carver's headbutt is his attempt at kissing Ansley and you can see her chasing him with her mouth open. Then, he got distracted by the camera. Oh, and yes we are sitting in an empty room with cardboard boxes because we were helping the Stonerooks move. That's not how we live :o)

Sadly, this morning, Ethan, Valerie and Carver all packed up and rode off to start their new journey in North Carolina. We will miss them SO much. A few Wednesdays ago we went to dollar night at the UF baseball stadium. I stole these pictures from Val's Facebook. I'll try to pretend they haven't left...

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