Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why I love Southern Savers

In case you haven't heard about Southern Savers, it's a coupon-ing website. I use it to plan out my Publix lists and have been able to keep our weekly grocery budget around $50. I get really excited at checkout to look at the receipt and see how much I saved ($20-50 normally). It is time consuming to plan out your list and match your meals to what is on sale, but it's saved us a lot.

Today I went to Publix specifically for the Beechnut Baby Food sale. I have to tell someone because I'm so pumped and Jon doesn't quite share my enthusiasm for this topic. Beechnut stage 2 jars are buy one get one free making them $.27 instead of $.53. Great. I have a $2 off 16 jars manufacturer's coupon ($.27 x 16= $4.32 - $2= $2.32). I also have a $1.50 off 8 Publix coupon and a $1 off 6 Food Lion coupon which I can use with my manufacturer's ($2.32- $1.50= $.82 - $1= +.18!!!!). I end up getting the 16 jars for free PLUS $.18 off the other stuff I bought! I had a buy one get one free Publix wipes coupon so I used that and ended up paying $2.19 for 2 packs of wipes and 16 jars of baby food. One pack of wipes by itself would have been $2.29 before tax. Amazing :o)

I have another $2 off 10 Beechnut manufacturer's coupon and $1 off 6 Food Lion. You're only supposed to use one Food Lion per transaction so I'm going to go back this weekend. I'm going to get those 10 jars for free too (plus a .$30 overage). After this weekend I will have gotten 26 jars of baby food for free! Sorry to those of you who come here for pictures of Ansley. I'm just hoping another mommy with a 6-8 month old will also get excited about this good deal.

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