Sunday, February 14, 2010

First gator sighting

Yesterday, we came back from visiting West Palm for a few days. Jon and I decided to go on a walk around Lake Alice and spend some time outside after our 4 hour car ride. It was so pretty out (and chilly). I haven't put Ansley in the Baby Bjorn recently and Jon thought it would be a good idea to size it at home. We put it on him and then tried it with the little girl to make sure everything fit well. Ansley thought this was the most wonderful thing ever and started shrieking with delight. She did this a few times while walking around the lake too, getting people to look and laugh. (If you can zoom in, you should check out Ansley's face in the picture below )

Ansley saw her first real live alligator.

I'm so glad we made time to do this. We had no idea Ansley would love it so much and are going to have to do these kinds of things more often now that it's so nice outside.

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  1. Awww i love it!!! You guys are soo cute! :) i love her new tongue hanging out thing!