Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jumperoo Video

Ok, this isn't quite as good as when she's screeching for of a room full of people while jumping like a crazy lady, but still pretty cute. I know some of you have been waiting for a jumperoo video :o)

Two new things about Ansley this week.
1. She has decided green vegetables are the most heinous substance God ever created. I tried first with peas and then homemade green beans. Both times the moment they touched her lips she grimaced, gaged and dry heaved so hard it actually made her throw up. Gross.

2. I'm really trying to cut out the swaddle during naps now that she can roll over. She's done extremely well the last two days and when I went to wake her earlier today I found this:

I'm sure this is normal for people who don't wrap their children into neat little baby burritos every time they sleep, but not for me. Seeing her all crooked and smiling was more than I could take (So cute!). I had to grab the camera so I could show Jon later. And, this was how she was when I went to wake her, which means she was sitting here wiggling around in her crib silent and awake, happy as can be. Silly little girl :o)

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