Sunday, January 24, 2010

Daddy's 30th

This weekend was Daddy's (and Granny's) birthday. Nana and Grandpa came up Saturday to help us paint our house, but unfortunately Jon came down with a really awful stomach virus around lunch time. Our home improvement plans had to be put on hold and I took care of both of my babies :o) Here's Ansley socializing at the dining room table just before Jon got sick.

She was really interested in his birthday card. The new bird feeder has attracted all sorts of wildlife. Now that the squirrels are unable to make to the feeders they have resorted to breaking into our laundry room and squeezing into the seed container. There was one little squirrel who made it into the bin, but then ate so much he couldn't fit through the hole to get out. Luckily we found him in time and he scampered away (clumsily) when we lifted the lid.

This may not be exciting to anyone else, but look at all of these thing I got for $1 at Target! A shirt for Ansy, two neat little mailboxes (I've noticed them being used in recent Pottery Barn Kids Rooms. I thought the red might be good for future letters to Santa and the pink could be a place for me to leave notes and treats for Ansley when she gets a little older) and a cute magnetic note pad.

And finally, here's Ansley last night. This is the reaction to me singing her favorite song...The itsy bitsy spider :o)

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  1. I love the target deals!! :) I found Woody stuff for Noah in the dollar deals! :) Great idea for the mailboxes soooo cute!