Thursday, January 14, 2010

Around the house

This weekend we got a new bird feeder (so excited!). I think Allie likes it too :o)

Ansley is so uninterested in rice cereal it's not even funny. She just turns her head, sticks out her tongue and looks around. I even tried mixing a veggie in, but no. However, when I tried squash only (no cereal mixed) she was pumped! Shaking and opening her mouth like a baby bird :o) She isn't quite as excited here (and daddy distracts her with the camera), but you can see she likes it.

And my cork boards were featured on the "Ode To Blue" Blog: Here

And the "Night Owl Craft Works" Blog: Here

I'm in shock! As a result I've sold 10(!!!!) cork boards this week. So much for doing an intensive house cleaning before company comes Sunday. I'll be crafting between play sessions with Ansley :o)


  1. Great post (thanks for the mention). My little girl hated the cereal too, all baby food actually. She eats lots of avocado & cottage cheese. I hope you keep up the good work, I'm sure your company will understand if your house is a little messy :)

  2. She loves that squash!! So cute!!! I know we are so excited to come up! :) Great job on the cork boards btw!!!