Saturday, December 19, 2009

22 Weeks Old & Rolling Over

Well, tonight Ansley finally rolled from tummy to back. It must have startled her because she cried a little. But, once Jon and I clapped and said "YEAAAAAAY!" she was back to being happy. She seemed more content with tummy time after figuring out it could be done.

She'd just roll herself back after a few minutes of holding up her head. (In the pictures she is mesmerized by the Gator Basketball game daddy is watching). I tried to catch it on camera but could only manage once she was mid roll.

Also, she has woken up for the last three nights now at a random hour of the morning, talked to herself for 30min and then gone back to sleep. Not quite sure what that is all about, but the books suggest two reasons: 1. Time to drop her late evening nap or 2. Time to start cereal. We tried keeping her awake through the late nap tonight so if she wakes up again it may be time for #2.

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