Monday, November 16, 2009

Such a nice day...

Today was beautiful! I got a lot done in the morning and then Valerie and Carver came over. It was so nice. Valerie worked on a craft project for Carver's room that required us being outside. I am thankful, because otherwise we may have missed out on this weather. Look how gorgeous it was.

It didn't hurt that Jon and I did some yard work this weekend. One task was to downsize my overgrown vegetable garden. Jon has been itching to do this for quite some time now. It looks much better. There were a few pepper plants still shockingly alive. I'm not sure they will make it now that they are potted...go figure, no attention and they do fine, start tending to them and they wilt.

This is how big it used to be...

We also tried out the swing Nana and Grandpa brought up a few weeks ago.

Ansley isn't big enough yet, but she enjoyed laying on her quilt.

While Valerie and I attempted to finish the craft project, Carver entertained himself with a flowerpot of seashells on our back porch. He liked them so much he tried to share with Allie :o)


  1. Oh it looks so nice out! its been reallt rainy and icky out here! your yard looks so peaceful! :)

  2. Thanks for posting those! To everyone else...I promise that's not the only outfit Carver has. Just the only one he wears on Amanda's blog.