Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mary Scout & Ansley Grace

Ansley met her new BFF4E today...Scout. She is about 5 weeks younger than Ansley and the daughter of LT (one of my college roommates). She was also born on my birthday, which is neat, and means they will be in the same grade. They don't live in town so it was really fun to hang out. Ansley was in a good mood the whole day until we started taking pictures. She looks very uncertain in a few.

Each girl seemed to be looking at the other's mom instead of her own while the cameras were out. Also, notice the hair difference. And by difference I mean Ansley's lack of it. Poor little girl didn't stand a chance with the genes she was given. What she doesn't know is that although both sides of the family have baldish babies, they then grow into thick haired adults :o)

Later this evening we visited Kennon and his mom. Kennon kept hugging and trying to kiss Ansley again. She didn't get upset this time, but was still leery of his affections. It was so dang cute!

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  1. She is so itty bitty but looks so big next to the other little girl! How fun!!