Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look at me! These are my feet!

This morning Ansley was very interested in her daddy's apparel. Last night when we woke her up to eat she shivered in excitement at the sight of Jon's lucky national championship shirt.

Later today she did some reading (and playing). Notice the text on the book. I think that is a perfect caption for the following pictures.

This evening Jon was playing with Ansley on the floor. She has really begun to love this bear faced rattle that lights up. We've gotten her to giggle a few time by shaking it in front of her face. He was doing this tonight and she thought it was hilarious. Unfortunately the camera distracts her and we have yet to catch a laugh on film. All this fun made for a very sleepy baby.

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  1. Look at her holding her head up so well!! She's getting soo big everytime i see a picture she looks bigger! Yeah, i was super nervous, Nick picked out the color, still getting used to it! :)