Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 Months Old

This month Ansley has grown so much. She can hold her head really well and looks like a little person when sitting up. Her personality is beginning to show (I think she'll be a chatty one when she gets older).

It's time to bump up her feedings. I looked at the baby info book and realized she was eating at the low end of the range. I guess that explains why she's been pouting after finishing a bottle.

At her four month check up today she weighed 13lbs 12oz (55-60th%ile) and was 25 3/4in long (90th%ile). She was so happy during the entire visit...until it was time for the shots. So sad :o( Luckily her tears only lasted for a few minutes. By the time we got home she was sleepy and smiling.

I took these two with my phone :o)

Allie must be feeling neglected. She's snuggling with her buffalo.

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  1. The comments about Ansley pouting after her bottle, and poor Allie snuggling is sooo funny! We were laughing! :) She is getting so big i can't wait to see you guys during Christmas!