Sunday, November 15, 2009

17 Weeks Old

This week Ansley has begun tolerating tummy time a lot more. I'll roll her onto her belly, let her sit for a moment and then roll her back. Today she almost rolled herself back all on her own...Yeay! She has started moving her tongue all around in her mouth in a different way than she was doing a month ago and her hand grasp is getting more and more controlled. I'm getting excited for her 4 month check up to see if she is still in the 90th%ile for height. I'm sure she is because she seems so long. She continues to be happy and really like sitting up. Most recently she will lock her knees when you stand her up. It also may be time to up the amount she is eating again. Sometimes when she finishes her bottle and you set it down, her little mouth keeps making the sucking motion and then she starts's very pitiful :o)

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