Saturday, November 7, 2009

16 Weeks Old

A day late, but things have been very busy. A few of us girls shared a table at what we thought would be a craft fair this morning. Unfortunately it was more like a rummage sale and the people coming to buy didn't really appreciate our merchandise based on the fact that it cost more than a $1. Oh well, I guess I'll be updating my etsy shop this weekend :o)

This week Ansley has been laughing up a storm, especially at Jon. She's constantly shoving her hands in her mouth and officially no longer fits into a 0-3 month footie pj (there were one or two that just barely fit, but not anymore). There are times during the day when she just makes noise for 5 minutes straight. Sometimes it's in response to you talking other times it's for no reason at all. The noise ranges from a monotone "Ahhgoo, Ahhgoo, Ahhgoo" to shrieks and squeals. She loves sitting or being upright and looking around. At the regional meet this week, Jon's swim parents surprised him by buying an ad in the heat sheet. They wished the team good luck and put a picture of Ansley (the girls won so it must have worked). It was very cute!

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