Monday, November 30, 2009

At the park

Ansley made a new friend named Rilea. They went to the park together, but I think one had a little more fun than the decide :o)

Rilea at the park...

Ansley at the park...

Rilea playing...

Ansley playing...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

19 Weeks Old

Ansley has been so cute this weeks. Lots of laughs and smiles (with the tip of her little toungue sticking out). Luckily it got chilly so she could wear this snuggly little outfit.

She was such a good girl traveling for Thanksgiving. We almost didn't bring her beloved playmat with us and that would have been a big mistake! It was her favorite part of the day :o) When we got home, she apparently decided that moving her arms up and down was her new favorite part of the day.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for babies in ruffled tutu onesies :o)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

18 Weeks Old

I am getting bad at doing these weekly posts on time. So, this week Ansley decided she is ticklish, got her second set of shots and has started getting 8oz in her bottle. In the next month or so we will work on not having her nap before her last feeding. She has adapted very well every time we've tweaked her schedule so hopefully this will be the same. She's getting closer and closer to potentially rolling over...

She's so long that in certain brands of pajamas she needs the 6-9month size! Crazy. Scout came by last week too and they looked very cute together.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 Months Old

This month Ansley has grown so much. She can hold her head really well and looks like a little person when sitting up. Her personality is beginning to show (I think she'll be a chatty one when she gets older).

It's time to bump up her feedings. I looked at the baby info book and realized she was eating at the low end of the range. I guess that explains why she's been pouting after finishing a bottle.

At her four month check up today she weighed 13lbs 12oz (55-60th%ile) and was 25 3/4in long (90th%ile). She was so happy during the entire visit...until it was time for the shots. So sad :o( Luckily her tears only lasted for a few minutes. By the time we got home she was sleepy and smiling.

I took these two with my phone :o)

Allie must be feeling neglected. She's snuggling with her buffalo.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Such a nice day...

Today was beautiful! I got a lot done in the morning and then Valerie and Carver came over. It was so nice. Valerie worked on a craft project for Carver's room that required us being outside. I am thankful, because otherwise we may have missed out on this weather. Look how gorgeous it was.

It didn't hurt that Jon and I did some yard work this weekend. One task was to downsize my overgrown vegetable garden. Jon has been itching to do this for quite some time now. It looks much better. There were a few pepper plants still shockingly alive. I'm not sure they will make it now that they are potted...go figure, no attention and they do fine, start tending to them and they wilt.

This is how big it used to be...

We also tried out the swing Nana and Grandpa brought up a few weeks ago.

Ansley isn't big enough yet, but she enjoyed laying on her quilt.

While Valerie and I attempted to finish the craft project, Carver entertained himself with a flowerpot of seashells on our back porch. He liked them so much he tried to share with Allie :o)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

17 Weeks Old

This week Ansley has begun tolerating tummy time a lot more. I'll roll her onto her belly, let her sit for a moment and then roll her back. Today she almost rolled herself back all on her own...Yeay! She has started moving her tongue all around in her mouth in a different way than she was doing a month ago and her hand grasp is getting more and more controlled. I'm getting excited for her 4 month check up to see if she is still in the 90th%ile for height. I'm sure she is because she seems so long. She continues to be happy and really like sitting up. Most recently she will lock her knees when you stand her up. It also may be time to up the amount she is eating again. Sometimes when she finishes her bottle and you set it down, her little mouth keeps making the sucking motion and then she starts's very pitiful :o)

Friday, November 13, 2009

State Champs!

We took a trip to Nana's while Jon's girls competed in the high school state swim meet. And, just in case you didn't read the title, they won!!! Yeay! I'm so proud.

Ansley was loving Aunt Emily's hair. Even though she looks slightly worried she was really very happy.

Then she played on the floor (Notice Allie looking through the doors. She wishes she could play too.).

And last, but not least, she did some reading :o)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uneventful day...

Not too much going on today. We gave Ansley a bath and she made this funny face.

Then it was time for her favorite part... laying on the changing table in her towel!

All dressed for bed :o)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello Mr. Caterpillar

Ansley shared her views on life with Mr. Caterpillar during her morning nap. Then daddy interrupted.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

16 Weeks Old

A day late, but things have been very busy. A few of us girls shared a table at what we thought would be a craft fair this morning. Unfortunately it was more like a rummage sale and the people coming to buy didn't really appreciate our merchandise based on the fact that it cost more than a $1. Oh well, I guess I'll be updating my etsy shop this weekend :o)

This week Ansley has been laughing up a storm, especially at Jon. She's constantly shoving her hands in her mouth and officially no longer fits into a 0-3 month footie pj (there were one or two that just barely fit, but not anymore). There are times during the day when she just makes noise for 5 minutes straight. Sometimes it's in response to you talking other times it's for no reason at all. The noise ranges from a monotone "Ahhgoo, Ahhgoo, Ahhgoo" to shrieks and squeals. She loves sitting or being upright and looking around. At the regional meet this week, Jon's swim parents surprised him by buying an ad in the heat sheet. They wished the team good luck and put a picture of Ansley (the girls won so it must have worked). It was very cute!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Camper

Ansley was such a good girl today. We ran errands in the morning (she pooped in her car seat again, which wasn't so good), went to Publix in the afternoon and then watched finals for Jon's regional meet. All this activity kept her from taking a good nap. When we arrived at the pool I was hoping Ansley would sleep in her car seat. She did, for about 30 minutes. We were there from 6:30-9:30pm and I kept waiting for her to melt down from being tired. Instead, she looked around, smiled and sat in my lap.

There were a few protests when she wanted to change positions and she cried a little on the way home when her pacifier fell out, but other than that she was sooo good. Once home, Jon got her dressed for bed. She still needed to eat so I was expecting for a not so happy camper. Boy was I wrong...

I'd say this is a very happy camper! What a silly girl :o)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sphinx [sfingks] n.

After seeing Scout, who is a full month younger than Ansley, lay on her tummy with head held high like it was nothing, I decided Ansley needed to break her aversion to tummy time. We tried making a game out of it today, rolling her from back to tummy and tummy to back. It sort of worked. She was less upset about the time spent belly down and lifted her head high to look around instead of burying it into the blanket and screaming.

I also realized something last night as I tried to fall asleep. Yesterday, in her pictures with Scout, Ansley was wearing a onesie with a giraffe on it. This made me think about the fact that anytime "giraffe" is mentioned around Jon, the science teacher in him cannot help but tell you the origin and meaning of this word. The first time was a few years ago at Animal Kingdom. He decided it would be fun to ask me true or false questions about whatever we were looking at as we walked around the park. Luckily I found this endearing. The most recent time was a few weeks ago, and this is not a joke, when we were in bed about to go to sleep. We'd watched a Discovery Channel show that night and Jon was trying to convince me that "Qiviut" is the wool of musk oxen and considered to be finer than cashmere. He also reminded me that I didn't believe him about the meaning of the word giraffe at Animal Kingdom. Last night as I recalled these events it hit me...there is a very good chance that Ansley might become the kid in kindergarten who likes learning science facts a little too much instead of playing house and finger painting like a normal five year old. Putting that ABC's of science poster in her nursery may not have been the best idea after all :o)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mary Scout & Ansley Grace

Ansley met her new BFF4E today...Scout. She is about 5 weeks younger than Ansley and the daughter of LT (one of my college roommates). She was also born on my birthday, which is neat, and means they will be in the same grade. They don't live in town so it was really fun to hang out. Ansley was in a good mood the whole day until we started taking pictures. She looks very uncertain in a few.

Each girl seemed to be looking at the other's mom instead of her own while the cameras were out. Also, notice the hair difference. And by difference I mean Ansley's lack of it. Poor little girl didn't stand a chance with the genes she was given. What she doesn't know is that although both sides of the family have baldish babies, they then grow into thick haired adults :o)

Later this evening we visited Kennon and his mom. Kennon kept hugging and trying to kiss Ansley again. She didn't get upset this time, but was still leery of his affections. It was so dang cute!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I know those people!

Today we had some baby proof doors installed...finally! However this meant I wasn't able to leave the house and the noise didn't mesh well with Ansley's naps. Luckily she wasn't too cranky. Even though I couldn't go anywhere I had lots to do...playing with Ansley, painting cork boards, folding diapers, folding laundry...normal stuff :o)

Ansley has a baby photo album with this picture of Jon and me in it:

I showed it to her and you can tell she is looking from Jon's face to mine and then back. It was very silly :o)